We are super excited to tell you about the upcoming Yoga Retreats that will be held in our Hotel with the collaboration of the Sivananda Yoga center association from Madrid.

We already have several dates planned and it is very possible that there will be some more.

The first Yoga retreat date is coming soon and will be this year, in December

December 5th to 10th (5 nights)

This first retreat will only be 6 days and 5 nights, where you will enjoy an internal and external cleansing that will leave you as good as new.

Different workshops will be held, for example on meditation and healthy eating, In addition to different Yoga classes in different areas of the Hotel.

You can take walks around the surroundings enjoying nature and the town where we are.

The second date for the Yoga retreat will be next year 2024 in May,

May 24th to June 2nd (9 nights)

In this second retreat we can enjoy more time in harmony with nature, while we do yoga acitivites, meditation and various workshops.

Vegetarian food is a plus, in addition to the fact that the atmosphere will be unique and exclusive to people who participate in this event.

There is the possibility of participating in one of these retreats for a shorter time in addition to participating in the workshops and food for an additional fee.


We have more Yoga Retreats for next year 2024:

Friday 22nd March to Monday 01st April 2024 (10 nights)

Sunday 18th August to Sunday 15th September 2024 (28 nights)

Tuesday 03rd to 08th December 2024 (5 nights)

For more information about any of these events and their prices, contact Sivananda Yoga center association on this page.