What to see in Competa: Almijara Mountains

Competa is a privaliged place thanks to its geographical location and thus is an absolute paradise for lovers of Nature, mountains and hiking.  Our axarquía village is sheltered on the slopes of the Sierra de Almijara, turning its streets into an enchanting journey worth taking slow and relaxed.  All thanks to its fantastic loctaion next to the Malaga mountain ranges formed by the Natural Park of Sierra Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama.

This Geological formacion can be found in between the provinces of Malaga and Granada, it is a faithful reflection of the Penibetic mountain system, a mountain complex that extends from the region of the Axarquía from Malaga to the Temple in the north and the Guájares, in Granda in the west.


The Sierra de Almijara is an environment of special beauty due to the steep and abrupt nature of its formations, resulting from the erosion caused by the steep slopes and the rains that mold the dolomitic marble that hides under the green mantle of the sierra. Green that intermingles with the native vegetation of pines, olive trees, almonds, thyme and rosemary.

The highest section of the Sierra de Almijara is between the Tajo del Sol and the Port of Frigiliana, at about 1,550 m. and 1,700 m. of altitude Although undoubtedly, among the most impressive attractions of the area are the sea views from the mountain. The experience of contemplating the immensity of the Mediterranean from the Puerto del Collado, at 890 m. for example, it is priceless.

The panoramic views from Puerto del Collado

vistas panorámicas puerto del collado competa sierra almibara

Thouse who wish to enjoy this panoramic view only have to visit the Puert del Collado outlook.  Only 14 minutes by car from the hotel, you will find a place to park your car, relax (maybe with a nice picnic) and enjoy the view.  From here there are also several good walking routes:

  • Trail Casa de la Mina-Pradillos
  • Route of the Loma del Daire
  • Majadillas Route

As you can see,  Competa is the perfect place for you if you enjoy walking, running or cycling.  Our Mountains hold many marked trails and routes that make your journey an absolute delight through nature and its villages.

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