Blessing of the San Blas threads in Cómpeta 2019

If you take San Blas threads, you will not have a sore throat. We are talking about a very lively tradition that takes place every February 3, the day of San Blas. In Cómpeta we celebrate it by eating the traditional threads dedicated to the saint that are previously blessed so as not to have throat problems the rest of the year.

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Who was San Blas

San Blas was a Christian bishop and martyr who lived at the beginning of the IV century and who was dedicated to medicine in his locality Sebaste (Armenia). There he stood out for healing the sick, especially those who suffered from throat problems. Hence the custom of blessing the throats, and the threads of San Blas in Cómpeta, on the day of their feast on February 3.

How is the blessing of the San Blas threads in Cómpeta 2019

 February 3 is the day of San Blas and in Cómpeta we celebrate eating some traditional threads dedicated to this saint. A party that takes place days after the Cómpeta neighborhood fair that takes place on January 20 in honor of the patron saint of San Sebastian.

In Cómpeta and in other towns of the Axarquía and Andalusia, it is customary that during this feast of the saint, some bread threads are brought to the mass in his honor so that they may be blessed. This act is done by placing a few loops of colors, which also carries San Blas, between the threads and after the blessing, these tapes are hung around the neck to protect the throat and the threads are eaten. And it is that, according to tradition, these threads of San Blas prevent throat ailments and respiratory diseases but to verify it you will have to visit us during this journey and try them.

The San Blas threads are also blessed early in the morning in schools for children to eat then accompanied by olive oil.

Receta de roscas de San Bla


  • 1 kg of flour
  • 375 gr of sugar
  • 175 gr of lard
  • 1 and a half yeast
  • 6 eggs
  • Essence of anise

First melt the lard while mixing in a bowl the sugar and yeast. Next, add melted butter and a tablespoon of aniseed essence to the mixture. Then we will add the eggs one by one and moving the mixture little by little. Finally, add the flour slowly and we will knead the result with your hands to make it more consistent. With the finished dough, we will take pieces to make a braid in the shape of a circle. Now we just have to introduce the threads in the oven preheated to 180 degrees and wait for 10 or 15 minutes until we see that they get hard and begin to brown.


This year the festivity of the San Blas threads in Cómpeta 2019 takes place on Sunday, February 3. Do not miss this opportunity and come to visit us to have protected the throat all year round thanks to these threads. You can now book your room at Hotel Balcón de Cómpeta from our website. We will wait for you!

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