Activities to relax in Cómpeta 2019

Finding a place to unwind and relax is not easy. Work, daily life, family, friends, etc. Every day we perform many tasks that make it almost impossible to relax. But do not worry because we bring you the solution. Take your agenda and book the days you need at Balcón de Cómpeta and discover how it is possible to relax in a unique natural environment. We tell you in our post.


What activities to do in Cómpeta?

At Hotel Balcón de Cómpeta we organize activities throughout the year so that our guests can choose the one they like the most. From yoga, hiking to spiritual retreats, among others.

Relax with us

Painting in Cómpeta, Málaga

Every year artist Pauline Agnew performs art retreats at our facilities. For five inspiring days, it offers attendees the possibility to explore different ways of doing art and expressing themselves. With different tools and techniques, the artist proposes to work on blocks of paper so that each participant expresses their passions with the painting.

Get ready for a great artistic adventure inspired by the landscape, people and culture of Andalusia where you will learn new techniques to create vibrant and expressive paintings. Let’s see each of them in more detail.


Hiking in Cómpeta, Axarquía

Tour of the Axarquía: we work with the company Walking Tours in Spain. The company is dedicated to making trekking routes through the Axarquía. The departures are made from our facilities in Cómpeta since it is a good starting point to get to know the sierra by foot or drive to Ronda, Nerja, Malaga or Granada. Enjoy this spring a holiday in Balcón de Cómpeta and the pleasant temperatures around 25ºC to go for a walk and clear your mind.

Guided walking holidays: the Ramblers Walking Holidays company is in charge of guiding you on a surprising route through the Sierra Almijara. Learn about the history of Cómpeta, its characteristic buildings of the white villages of Andalusia, and its extensive cultivated fields of olives and avocados. In addition, from the top you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view with occasional glimpses of the Mediterranean Sea in the distance.

Walk through the Axarquía: in Balcón de Cómpeta hotel and bungalows we work with another company dedicated to organize walking routes through the area called Croagh Patrick Walking Holidays. For this year 2019 they have prepared a new route with transfer from Malaga airport to Cómpeta included. The scheduled date will be from April 27 to May 4. A week full of routes where you will know various regions of the area such as Salares, Nerja or Canillas de Albaida, among others.


Spiritual retreat in Cómpeta

From Friday, March 8 to Sunday, March 10, 2019, we have prepared a spiritual retreat in our hotel Balcón de Cómpeta to help you replace the batteries and disconnect directed by Inmaculada Zamorano.

This workshop aims at a series of immediate benefits such as:

  • Learn to listen to the internal teacher
  • Quiet the mind
  • Have peace of mind
  • Rest
  • Recover strength


Listen to your inner self and book your spiritual retreat from now on.


Improve the day with Reiki in Balcony of Cómpeta

Reiki is a system of millennial healing and complementary to any other conventional or natural treatment. It consists of the transmission of energy through the laying on of hands to facilitate physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. We speak of a therapy that leads to inner peace.


Wine tastings at Balcón de Cómpeta hotel

Cómpeta is a land of wines and traditions as well as all the towns of the Axarquía region. Its Mediterranean climate favors the cultivation of some unique raisins with which wines as well known as Jarel are made.

In our hotel the sommelier Juanjo Sánchez Vidal shares with us his extensive experience in the sector so that all the attendees know a little better the different varieties of wine. A global experience that will conquer all your senses.



If you enjoyed all the activities to get the relax in Cómpeta, do not hesitate to reserve your days of disconnection in our website. Our environment, facilities and staff will do the rest to get the well-being you need.


Relax with us