Noche del Vino in Competa (Malaga), the malagueña party that you do not have to miss

Every August 15, Cómpeta celebrates its most important festival, known as the Noche del Vino (Night of the Wine). Surely you have already deduced what is done in this special evening, right? If you can not imagine it, we’ll tell you. Keep Reeding!!

The origin of this declared festival of Tourist Interest of Andalucía, It has a spontaneous and generous origin. A neighbor of Cómpeta, Aurelio, on the night when the workers who left for the farmhouses were dismissed at harvest time and who would not return until October with the grapes or the grapes, decided to invite the locals to all the wine they were able to consume that night. And well, the invitation was accepted so well that since then it is repeated every 15 August.

The uniqueness of this celebration has been growing in popularity and is already considered one of the most important and lively parties of the Axarquía. This day, besides honoring the tipically product from Cómpeta, the Moscatel sweet wine, Homage is also paid to the patron saint of the town, Our Lady of the Assumption. One more reason to have fun not only at night, but also for the day.

And it is that the Night of the Wine of Cómpeta has gone from being a nocturnal neighbors meeting, to a whole day of events and events. To give you an idea, last year 2,500 liters of sweet wine were distributed, a medieval market was installed, the “pisá de la uva” was made, crumbs were offered free of charge and musical performances were organized.

The festive day usually begins at 11 in the morning and lasts until dawn. The town welcomes thousands of visitors who do not want to miss anything of a very special day and night for the campeños. So much so, that the festivities usually start a week before. The institutions organize the week before the great act, special routes through the town, poetry contests or painting exhibitions.

The most important places in the Night of the Wine

If you decide to come to our great Wine Night, write down the following places on your GPS or map. These are the points of Cómpeta where the most important activities are carried out: Mass: Parish Church Pisá de la uva: Plaza de la Vendimia Cry: Plaza de Almijara