Hotel Cómpeta, that invites you to read

Reading. That great pleasure for which many times we do not find time or titles to devour as we would like, right? Well, you have found the ideal hotel so that reading, whatever the reason that had prevented you, becomes one of your activities. Without excuses. Because in Hotel Cómpeta you will find the tranquility, the time and the books that you were willing to start.

Libraries on each floor

Hotel Cómpeta is full of books. Both in the room that is next to the reception and in each of our floors, at the exit of the elevator, we have bookstores with many books. There is a large assortment in several languages – we are lucky to have a good number of foreign guests – with the most varied titles. They are books with history, read, lived, that we love to share with everyone. You just have to choose one and enjoy it.

Places to read

If it is important to have a well-stocked library to find the ideal reading for you, it is also important to have a space that invites you to do this activity. That is why, next to our reception, you will find a cozy living room with sofas to comfortably arrange that time for you and your reading.

Of course, the rooms are perfect for that moment too, as well as the garden area next to the pool.

A book for you: Andalucian Authors

Committed as we are to reading and knowing how much it pleases and relaxes our guests, for some years we have been publishing a book with texts by Andalusian authors. It is a small gift with which we like to surprise our friends during their stay. The book contains texts by the authors Federico García Lorca, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer and Antonio Machado.

But also, if you like the reading in English, here is a link with texts chosen specifically for our hotel by the Golden Book Hotel website. Enjoy them!

Golden Book Hotels versión, página 237:

And as our friends of the Golden Book Hotels Association say …

“Quien ha tenido el placer de vivir unas vacaciones en la agradable compañía de un buen libro, conoce la maravillosa magia de perderse entre los confines de la experiencia vivida en primera persona y aquélla que imaginamos gracias a la lectura. Recordar las vacaciones, en estos casos, quiere decir automáticamente, trasladar la mente al libro que le ha dado un alma. De hecho, una lectura fascinante llena de sabiduría nos hace más sensibles, reflexivos y dispuestos a saborear hasta el fondo cada detalle de nuestra permanencia fuera de casa: el viaje, de este modo, se transforma en un viaje interior…”.

Translation:Who has had the pleasure of living a holiday in the pleasant company of a good book, knows the wonderful magic of getting lost between the confines of the experience lived in first person and that which we imagine thanks to reading. Remember the holidays, in these cases, automatically means to transfer the mind to the book that has given a soul. In fact, a fascinating read full of wisdom makes us more sensitive, reflective and willing to savor every detail of our stay away from home: the trip, in this way, becomes an inner journey …”