Día Internacional del Niño, ¿nos ayudas a ayudar? International Childrens Day, Help us help them.

As we have already explained in this post,  this year we have signed an agreement with UNICEF to colaborate against the sexual exploitacion of children in the Dominican Republic.  We are very dedicated to the cause and for that reason, on the Internacional Childrens Day that’s celebrated on Sunday the 15th of April, we will give 1 Euro por every big bottel of water sold in our establishment.

Hotel Amigos UNICEF.

What we collect that day will go entirely to UNICEF, to collaborate a little more, in the eradication of sexual exploitation of children in the Dominican Republic. So, you know, if you’re in Cómpeta, come to our hotel or cafeteria and ask for a large bottle of water. A small gesture that becomes a great cause.