Sometimes our daily life does not allow us to stop and rest.  With this Reiki Course it will help you to see how your energy works and help you improve day by day with the self-healing that can be done through Reiki.

Take note, next November 10th Saturday, a Reiki Course will be held at the Hotel and we want to share it with you. It will start at 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. including a plate of food. Price per person 60 euros. At the end of the course there is a diploma that is recognized by the association of natural therapies DI.TE.NA
Reiki is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). Now a little bit of history about Reiki:

The word Reiki is of Japanese origin and means universal energy, because the practitioner does not use his energy but the universal one. Its founder was Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk who rediscovered this technique.

Reiki is a Japanese technique that consists in the transfer of energy through the imposition of hands. Just as we have a blood and lymphatic system, we also have an energy system through which energy flows, and our good health will depend a lot on what it does correctly

Reiki is one of the natural therapies that has more followers around the world, despite the fact that in many countries until a few decades ago it was unknown. Maybe this is because it is easy to learn and of course, to the rapid improvement that is experienced.

This improvement is produced by making a universal energy contribution and an energy balance by releasing blockages in the receiving person, because Reiki works with the individual’s energy field harmonizing, detoxifying, balancing, ultimately working at a holistic level. That is why it harmonizes body, mind and spirit.

Only with the hands is transmitted energy flow to chakras and energetic meridians without exhausting the reserves of the practitioner, since the universal energy flows through it benefiting both.

Reiki is also a system of self-healing, because any person can transmit energy itself, in fact, that is what we do unconsciously since childhood, put your hands where there is pain to relieve. It can be applied to animals, plants and / or circumstances, because this energy is as we have said universal, transcends time and space. It is also transmitted remotely when the receiver is not present.

In this therapy it is neither diagnosed nor manipulated. The therapist is limited to serve as a channel of universal energy, or energy of love

More information about the teacher who gives the course in her web page: Immaculada Zamorano