4 reasons you will find yourself re-visiting Competa again and again

Cómpeta is a small Village in the Axarquía of Malaga that you should visit. Some people say that it is not easy to visit, although we guarantee that it is not impossible. The perception between one person and the other is, in our opinion, that we have become accustomed to large roads and highways and to then return to driving on two-way roads on a slope can be overwhelming for some.

However, both for those who like to drive and for those who are lovers of unique landscapes, this road is truly a delight. And that’s where our first reason starts. Would you like to know more?

1. Because the trip is worth it
The climb to Cómpeta from the coast is a real luxury for the senses. To contemplate the white houses that dot the slopes, the green of the fields, the crops in the farm lands or the avocado trees on the sides is simply, magical. And why do you think we use that adjective? Well, because it’s like traveling in time, going back to when we were little and remember those trips with your parents through the Spanish geography. It is simply different.

2. Because of the friendly people
Cómpeta between mountains. Its population is not very large and has always been dedicated to the fields and hard work. However, that has not forged a closed attitude to outsiders. Quite the opposite. Cómpeta can boast of having a population of open mind and spirit, happy to receive visitors and help them in any way possible. You will notice it in the walks through its streets, in the eyes of the people, in their greetings.

3. Because it is a wonderful maze
The white houses, the details of flowers and plants, the stones on the ground marking the way. Yes, the road that always leads to the main square as if it were Rome. Getting lost in Cómpeta is the best thing that can happen to you, because that’s how you discover unique things, full of charm. It’s time to take out the camera or mobile phone and capture each one of those details that make Cómpeta a special town.

4. For lovers of tranquility
Not long ago we lived day by day, without thinking about tomorrow or what we are going to do in 5 minutes. Because in Cómpeta that philosophy is still installed in their way of life. During your stay or visit to Cómpeta, it is best to let yourself go with the flow. Do not look at the clock, do not think about where to go or what to visit. Do not control time. You just have to let yourself go with the moment and savor it with great company.

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