El Acebuchal, the village that recovered and recieves thousands of visitors

In one of the Valleys of the Almijara Mountains, 7 kilometers from Competa and without mobile coverage to destract us, you will find a quiet little village called El Acebuchal.  A small dot on the map that recovered its former splendor from years of abandonment.

El Acebuchal today is a busy place.  Visited and Admired by thousands of Curious people looking for a unique area away from the busy world.  A small paradise where not having mobile coverage for a few hours lets you recconect with nature.

It’s only been a few years since this little village started getting electricity!  It’s geographical location meant that it was difficult for electricity companies to establish a line into the village.  Oil lamps was the only source of light and horses where used for transport.  Today most of that has changed, it’s still impossible to get a mobile signal however!  Thankfully the one bar in the village offers wifi from a Satellite connection.

The village was brought back to life by previous residents returning to their homes.  Several families managed to rebuild this little enclave in the mountains that was deserted in 1948 and completely abandoned by 1966.  In its prime there lived 200 residents but now today it is only tourists that populate its streets.

A great amount of hard work and effort made what was considered impossible possible.  That this pretty and remote  corner of the mountains be today a reclaimed tourist atraction for Competa and the Axarquia.

Some of the atractions of the village are, unsurprisingly, its wonderful landscape.  It’s hard to believe there used to be a thriving community of families living here.  The land was their source of income: shepherds, traders, lime farmers, coal farmers… Ancient jobs that, in the months of November and December, are being revived.  Especially Traders, who in the past would be the only ones able to travel from the village to Granada through the then called “Puerto de Frigiliana”.

A great Feat thanks to the efforts of the descendants of El Acebuchal today everyone can get to know the village a bit better.   Would you like to visit?

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